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Welcome to Cirrus Hill Farm Heritage Poultry, Meaford/Kincardine

Specializing in Rare, Heritage and Ancient Utility Poultry Breeds of exceptional culinary and historic importance


    • Beltsville Small White Turkey, Canadian and American Pedigrees

    • Welsh Harlequin Light Layer Ducks, Silver and Gold phases

    • Buff Orpington Dual-Purpose Ducks

    • Heavy French Guinea Fowl (recommended for grow-out)

We sell hatchlings, started birds, breeding and occasional APA quality show stock for pick-up at the farm. Fertile eggs for hatching can be shipped by Xpresspost courier anywhere within Canada.

Easily raised, these productive and handsome birds all thrive in natural, grass pasture based systems, and produce gourmet quality table birds, and delicious fresh table eggs, while gobbling up pests and weeds. If you are a homesteader, I recommend these breeds among surviving heritage and rare breeds for their low input management, combining efficiency of growth with vigour, fertility and disease resistance. Beautiful, friendly and companionable, our chosen breeds are a pleasure to have on the farm.

The “Bird Availability/News” page will be kept up to date with planned hatch dates, prices and availability. For biosecurity reasons, we prefer to see visitors by appointment. Directions to the farm and contact phone numbers will be provided by e-mail. Drop-ins and “farm visits” are not welcome for bio-security concerns.