Bird Availability

Bird Availability

2019 Hatching Season: February 18, 2019 update:

We will not be shipping turkey eggs or providing live poults in 2019. Chantecler and duck flocks have been expanded, and we will have lots in 2019. Heather and Dawn will be managing the Spring Hatchery in 2019. We hope to resume production of Beltsville White Turkeys in 2020.

JoAnn at Cirrus Hill Farm hopes to hear from potential conservators, preferably with some experience, who are able to devote significant resources to managing small scale commercial heritage turkey flocks. It is time for her to retire, and pass the Beltsville project on to several younger conservators who can take the Beltsville on to the next level of small scale commercial flocks to guarantee the long term survival of the breed all over Canada.

Conservation flocks may be more successful if located in provinces with more generous allowances for non-quota holder’s flock size and market access than we are allowed by the Turkey Farmers of Ontario (only 50).

Please contact JoAnn at: to discuss becoming a long term conservator. 

The 2018 Breeding Teams were very successful. Over the past decade we have sent many thousands of babies to new homes and shipped eggs to every Province in Canada and the Yukon to establish new foundation flocks. You should be able to find Beltsville breeders in your province in 2019.

Fellow Rare Breeds Canada members and Chantecler fanatics, Heather and Dan Newman of Kincardine, long active in the local food and heritage breeds scene, have stepped up to help me with the Chantecler project. You can order directly from: and check out their website:

The Cirrus Hill Farm duck breeding and laying flocks are now happily established at the Robbins Family Farm in lovely Chatsworth, Ontario. Laying flock expansion means lots of duck eggs available to local restaurants and through Eat Local Grey Bruce. ( You can order ducklings, hatching eggs and duck products directly from: