Bird Availability

Bird Availability

2018 Hatching Season: February 2, 2018 update

The 2018 Breeding Teams have been assembled. We sent a few thousand babies to new homes and shipped eggs to every Province in Canada and the Yukon to establish new foundation flocks in the 2016 season.

We welcome fellow Rare Breeds Canada members and Chantecler fanatics, Heather and Dan Newman of Kincardine, long active in the local food and heritage breeds scene, who have stepped up to help me with the Chantecler project. It has just grown a bit too big for me to handle alone. So appreciated. Please bear with us if we seem a bit disorganized at first. The birds are better than ever this year; it’s just we humans may be behind the 8 ball at first.



All day-olds, are un-sexed, as hatched

Pedigreed Beltsville Small White Turkey Poults $12ea, Breeder Special: 30@$11

  Welsh Harlequin (Silver and Gold mixed), minimum 6, $12 ea. 

Buff Orpington DUCKS, minimum 6, $12.00 ea.

Heavy French Guinea Fowl Keets for grow-out $8.50ea. when available


How We Ship Fertile Chantecler, Turkey and Duck Eggs in Canada:

Single box of 25 chicken size or 16 duck/turkey size eggs $120 plus Xpresspost to your post office. We can also pack a double box of 50 chicken or 32 turkey/duck eggs $185, plus Xpresspost courier to your post office. Shipping successfully requires stable weather. Eggs will be the best we have collected from our flocks when fertility is assured, they will be shipped within 72 hours of lay, candled sound and sanitized, and will come packed in our fantastic foam shipping boxes. That’s as much as we can do to set you up for success, so the rest of the project depends on your equipment and skills, and a bit of luck.

We’re sorry, but we do not ship French guinea eggs

How to Order Day Olds and Shipped Hatching Eggs:

If you can place your order 6 weeks before you want it, it makes it easier to hit your preferred date, but we will be producing until everybody has the babies and eggs they want.

Please put address, contact e-mail and phone, desired date of pickup or egg shipment and as much information in your order as we may need. Keep us informed of any constraints or “black-out” dates, and advised of any changes. We always address eggs to be held safely at your post office for pickup.

Chantecler day-old chicks for pickup and mail orders for fertile Chantecler hatching eggs will be fulfilled from Kincardine.   Orders for day-old ducks, guineas and turkeys for pickup, or mail orders for turkey and duck hatching eggs will be fulfilled from Meaford (or Chatsworth). It will be a bit of a scramble for us at first, but we will make it work for everybody.

Chantecler chick and egg orders post to: Heather Newman, 901 Highway 21 RR1 Kincardine, ON, or order by e-mail and we will confirm and bill you for a deposit by Paypal.

Turkey, duck and guinea orders, and all multi-species orders post to: J. McCall, Cirrus Hill Farm, 197459 Grey Rd 7, Meaford, ON N4L1W7  or e-mail all the needed information, and I will bill you by Paypal.

If you are ordering Chantecler day-olds AND day-olds of the other species, please reference that fact on both of your orders so we can try to coordinate.

Remember, we do not ship or export live birds. We can often connect other fanciers from your part of Ontario to “relay” orders closer to you, if you are unable to travel. With co-operation, we can reduce our “carbon foot print”, and make new friends with common interests along the way.