<strong>Beltsville Small White Turkeys</strong>

Beltsville Small White Turkeys

2023 Hatching Season:

That “retirement plan” has been revised… 

We will be shipping turkey eggs and providing live poults in 2023, and still maintain connections with other rare breed fanciers.

The Cirrus Hill Standard White Chanteclers should be back in 2024.

There is a current ad on kijiji.ca with details and prices.


Please contact JoAnn at: info@cirrushillfarm.ca to discuss our plan for genetic preservation of the commercial type Beltville Small White turkey.

Day-old and started poults will be available March to July for pickup at the farm or by arrangement. We do not ship live birds.

Fertile eggs for hatching can be shipped only by Canada Post xpresspost within Canada, and picked up at the farm when available, by arrangement.

US customers must pickup their eggs from the farm in Canada and cross the border with them by car in order to import to the US without a CFIA/USDA zoosanitary certificate.