Bird Availability

Bird Availability

2021 Hatching Season:

JoAnn is retiring from breeding and hatching.

We will not be shipping turkey eggs or providing live poults in 2021 but maintain connections with other rare breed fanciers, and may be able to help find sources, and provide advice.

The Cirrus Hill Standard White Chanteclers are now kept and distributed by D & H Newman Farm in Kincardine, see details below.

There are several nearby Beltsville Small White Turkey flocks who will have eggs and poults to share. Over the years, we have sent eggs to every province of Canada, so look for BSW breeders in your own region. You may not need to have them shipped.

JoAnn at Cirrus Hill Farm hopes to hear from potential conservators, preferably with some experience, who are able to devote significant resources to managing small scale commercial heritage turkey flocks. I still have some young breeding stock to place, as of November 15, 2020. Contact me it you would like to offer the a home.

Please contact JoAnn at: to discuss becoming a long term conservator. 


Fellow Rare Breeds Canada members and Chantecler fanatics, Heather and Dan Newman of Kincardine, long active in the local food and heritage breeds scene, have stepped up to help me with the Chantecler project. You can order directly from: and check out their website: